Michael Steele Must Go!

Michael Steele Must Go!

Michael Steele is not the right man to lead the RNC at such a critical junction in our nation's history. We need a qualified conservative Republican to replace Steele as chairman and lead a unified party to victory in 2012!

Republicans have an opportunity to derail Obama's hope for a second term, retain a majority in the House, and take the Senate--they should not allow Steele's ego and incompetence to stand in their way. President Obama and his radical Democratic co-horts in Congress are relentless in their efforts to advance the most ambitious left-wing agenda in the history of this nation including amnesty for illegals. There is no time to waste--Republicans must replace Michael Steele in January.

We need you to stand with us in calling on the 168-member committee to get over their fear of being called 'racists' or any other reservations they have and replace Michael Steele with a qualified conservative RNC Chairman in January!

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