Plegde to Respect Nature

We are a part of Earth. We eat food from her - vegetables or animals. We walk on her, sleep on her, build our houses from her. Everything comes from nature - directly or indirectly. Including us! Yet we treat her like something that don┤t exist - except when we want something from her....
And in return for everything she gives us - we pollute, makes plants and animals go extinct and takes everything we can get our hands on...
Are you tired of this? I am!
Let`s pledge to respect nature! To take into consideration what effects our choices have on her - big and small.  To do what we can to help our plant- and animalrelatives survive, to try and make good choices for all life on Earth and to encourage others to do the same. Let┤s live a life with her, in balance and harmony with our Mother! I know that many of us here in care2 thinks the same - let us show it! Let┤s rejoice and celebrate our fantastic lives on this wonderful planet!
I will use this list to encourage others - if you sign it...
Be well!
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