Stephenson Billings, Show Us Your Credentials!

Stephenson Billings, a writer for the Christian parody website, claims to be a "Certified Investigative Journalist".  Sometimes he uses the word "Credentialed", which isn't even a real word, in place of "Certified".  Regardless of the word used, he's trying to claim the same thing - that he received some sort of degree or certification via a college education or other course.
He has been questioned about his so-called credentials, by myself and by others, and he has either side-stepped the issue, joked about it, or downright refused, claiming a violation of his personal information.  On numerous occasions I have provided him with simple instructions on how to show us his certificate without giving away personal information such as social security number, address, etc.  Recently he likened me to a "peeping Tom", simply because I'm acting within my rights and requesting proof of his journalistic claims.
This petition is to show Stephenson Billings that fraud is a serious issue with potential legal consequences and that there are many people out there who demand to see proof of his claims.
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