Stop Requiring Dollar General Employees To Ask For Literacy Donations

You see the Literacy Cubes at Dollar General with the sign asking you to donate to help someone read. The clerk will ask you if you want to donate your change to help teach someone to read. We apprecaite those who do and it does help a good cause. We do understand that many of you can't afford to donate or just plain view that its the schools and parents job we understand that too. Also we know that people don't liked to be asked all the time. The reason behind that is because we have to fulfill a quota for Literacy donations. In my store I am required to collect a dollar an hour with a minium of four dollars per shift. This is per person and if we do not collect this then we are subject to disciplinary actions including verbal warnings or write ups. Its ok to want to help people learn to read and lots of people struggle my own brother has dyslexia and struggles day to day. Is it right to force your employees to ask for donations and set quota's and use threats if not met no its not right. We should not have to guilt the public in to giving or put our own money in just to have some money in the cube. Asking should be voluntary and there should not be a quota we get no rewards for collecting high donations except a thanks thats it. If you go to Dollar General and don't like to be asked everytime you walk in for a donation then sign this petition if you are an employee who does not feel comfortable asking and has been reprimended or feel its unfair then sign and state that you are an employee.

We the undersigned understand that you are trying to help people read. We also as employees and customers feel that we should not be asked everytime we walk in the store to donate our change. As employees bieng told we have to make a quota is unfair I have personally found that a lot people do not want to give or can not afford to give. I do not ask those people I know who will give and I thank them for thier donation. We should not have to face reprimands for not making a quota or feel that we should have to put our own money in just to make quota an employee makes minimium wage and our quota is half of what we make an hour. It should be voluntary to ask for donations We should not have to meet a quota either. Please stop this unfair practice and allow us to collect donatilons from those that are willing to give and not feel that we have to meet a quota.
Thanks for your time and consideration

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