Single-Payer HealthCare HR 676

Whereas 1/3 of the U.S. population is uninsured or poorly insured;

Whereas 31,000  deaths a year could be prevented by ensuring that all patients receive quality care in a timely manner;

Whereas over 59% of physicians, 160,000 nurses and over 500 unions in 49 states now support a national Single-Payer health insurance system for everyone;

And Whereas We the community of Vancouver and the larger community of Clark County believe our healthcare system must include everyone and exclude no one ;

Be It Resolved That: We call on all of our local and state representatives to endorse HR 676, and our US Congress to pass HR 676; a non-profit national healthcare program that will provide guaranteed, comprehensive, and affordable quality healthcare and prescription drugs to everyone in the country. Healthcare is a human right and our health is NOT for sale.
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