The Peoples Amendment

     I hereby request to put before the court of public opinion a request to petition for the XXVIII Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
                                         THE PEOPLES AMENDMENT.

     This amendment would be introduced like a local Bond issue or a proposition at the ballot box and would override the House, Senate, Presidential Veto and the United States Supreme Court at least for its initial presentation to citizens of the United States. This is the only way it could be publicly heard or voted on as the powers that be would quench it faster than snuffing a cigarette. The amendment would require public review of any major legislation and would include the right of 'Line Item Veto' by the people to eliminate any unrelated or disagreeable terminology or item contained therein. This amendment would only be used to preserve all previous contents and amendments to the Constitution of the United States including the Bill of Rights. Clauses could be included like; Term limits for Congressmen; Pay increase limitations; Pension plans and retirement benefits and even an impeachment clause enabling the general population to remove any official of any state or capacity due to fraud, breech of contract, or felony.
     This, I believe can be done constitutionally. The people in our government are doing it now unconstitutionally as they have deprived us of a guaranty in the constitution. THE RIGHT OF REPRESENTATION.
     Thank you for your time and past concern for our country. I would greatly appreciate any input in the structure of this amendment and any other feedback you may have. I hope you also take time to read my letter as it is the major foundation for my proposal.
     Thank you again,
     Wayne Lewis  
     We the undersigned do take this action in protest the past and present actions of the government and stand by our 'Right of Petition' to demonstrate  through the following argument:

     It began one hundred years ago with a man named Woodrow Wilson who imprisoned those who stood against his political views. A president of our United States who enthusiastically entertained the concept of socialism. Well, today that point of view is alive and well and is being propagated by those currently in power.
     Long before this administration, people were at work creating a ruse focused on convincing the general public to let the government handle all matters economic, domestic and political in nature. We the people need not worry about these things as they, the elite, the all wise, trustworthy and devoted representatives whom we voted into office were going to take care of everything. They knew best. They would protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of their ability. Well citizens, the drapes have fallen, the smoke has cleared and the mirrors have turned around to reflect who stands behind the curtain of Oz.
     It is clear now we have no representatives as they do not represent us anymore. They don't listen to us anymore. They sit in their ivory towers (Democrat and Republican) listening only to those who would promise their future sainthood and keep them in power.
     Special interset groups say,;
     "Do this for us and you will be rewarded with political longevity, power and votes.'
     "Don't listen to your constituents for they can't do what we can. Now that you have scaled the cliffs of Mount Olympus and arrived unscathed, you are the epitome of all that is knowable.'
     "Thus sayeth the Lord, OBAMA."
     How can we have laws fair to the people when the people have no say? That sounds like Serfdom. Did not our founding fathers flee this oppression? It has become clear to us that there must be put in place a method in which government officials can be overridden to prevent these pompous bureaucrats from destroying the greatest political exsperiment of all time.  The experiment of FREEDOM. 

     Thank you for taking time to read my comments. You may wish to read and understand our constitution better. to aquire more info, try the following website. You have to join, but it is free.

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