Stop the injustice shown to pitbulls everyday!

  • by: Sasha Donovan
  • target: Chuck Saunier,Commerce City's Interim Chief .
  • I've recently saw a petiton it was also for pitbulls, it stated how a pitbull was tased 2 and shot 5 times by 2 police officers check out the petiton its called : Justice for tame mix murdered by police.
  • These dogs dont deseve this abuse espescially the pitbull from the petiton story i stated above, because that dog was an inoccent creature who was murdered!
  • If we dont stop this now imagine what the future will hold for them because from the looks of it now it holds 2 roads #1: horrible terrible things pitbulls being strays or no good homes just being in dog fights. #2: a road where they will live happily and not be forced to kill in do fights to the death, whre their loved and are safe.
  • They cant speak for themselves, but we can speak for them: We are their voices!
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