No FRACKING In The UK... Take Action...

My friends, OUR planet has suffered enough in the name of greed, money, power, pay offs and people turning a blind eye... Its up you to take a stand against this, to raise your voice to share with others just how bad this is and what it can do to our planet, ask yourself first in this day and age do we need to be doing this for power ? NO we do not, but as long as they can make money they will destroy all in their path and that means Mother Nature, Innocent animals and Innocent people, dirty water, triggered earthquakes, damaged lands and so on, its disgusting, its dirty and it needs to be stopped, This planet is our home, she gives us everything we need, We Can Not Let These So Called People DESTROY OUR HOME, we must take a stand, Use our voice and say NO... 

Some wesites you can visit for facts --  




--- There are many more site and some of these also have petitions, if you have the time please sign them and share them, but I ask you to sign this one and tell the UK Government that fracking is wrong and needs to be stopped and better protections need to be put in place to STOP the abuse of mother nature in the name of money and greed, this is OUR LANDS and we stand together, NO TO FRACKING...

 Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, fracing, and fracture stimulation, is when shale gas drilling companies come to an area, buy up drilling rights from landowners, cut new roads and raze patches of land in formerly undisturbed natural environments, cart in and out tens of millions of gallons of water and tons of chemicals and "proppants" like sand with hundreds of big rig trucks that produce tons of diesel emissions and wear down existing roads, drill holes that go vertically down and then horizontally under multiple properties, mix the water, chemicals, and proppants together on-site to make fracking fluid, run compressors that produce more diesel emissions to pump the fluid into the wells at high pressure to shatter underground deposits of shale and release bound-up natural gas, pump some of the fluid back out and cart it off to who knows where while leaving the rest underground, install permanent equipment to "clean" and capture most of the natural gas that comes back up the well and to release gas into the air when there's excess pressure, and then pack up, go home, and cash checks while the land stays pockmarked with drill pads, the air's been polluted with volatile organic compounds, and the water supply of everyone downstream is left in jeopardy 
Does this sound good to you ?... Take a stand now. SIGN, SHARE, POST, I thank you all, With respect always, James Howie, -- C.O.P.E - Carers Of Planet Earth....  

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