Free Christian Pastor Tony Alamo Framed And Imprisoned 175 Years For Crimes He Did Not Commit

  • by: Greg Anthony
  • target: To All Christians, People of All Other Faiths And Freedom Loving People In The World

Tony Alamo and his Christian Ministry have been targeted for more than 40 years by US government agencies, including but not limited to the FBI, BATF, CIA and IRS. FBI informants have come forward with sworn testimony they were hired to frame Pastor Alamo for his Biblical and Political views. This sworn testimony was not allowed in his 2008 criminal trial for violations of The Mann Act in which close examination of trial and appeal documents indicate a miscarriage of justice of the worst degree.

Furthermore, this ministry has been falsely depicted as a cult by government officials and an orchestrated media campaign of the ruling elite and Vatican controlled powers in our government. Our goal is to have 82-year-old Pastor Alamo released from prison immediately. He has already served more than 8 years of a 175 year sentence for crimes he did not commit. He is presently in poor health, legally blind and needs proper medical care which he is not receiving in prison.

While the Obama Administration has allowed illegal immigrants to run free on the streets, our same government has made an innocent Christian Pastor a political prisoner simply because his views differ from those in power both in government and on the pulpits.

I am a journalist and radio host who has covered this story for more than a decade and view this case as a travesty of justice that must be corrected since it shows freedom of religion and speech do not exist in the US if your views are contrary to those in power. Please go to my long running radio show archives at my website at or to where my show archives are available, as well.

Further information regarding this travesty of justice can be found at Also, here is a link about a couple FBI undercover agents sworn testimony about how they were hired to Frame Tony. There is much information here at the link below showing how Pastor Alamo was framed but this link provides some more of the specifics.

Please sign this petition and send it to all your freedom loving friends worldwide so we can present a strong case to authorities that Pastor Alamo should be released immediatly.

If former President Clinton could release the biggest tax evader in US history, Mark Rich, we pray authorities at the state or federal level will release this innocent Pastor. Also, after signing please take a look at this insightful You Tube Video about the true nature of The Alamo Ministry. 

Also go to

This Letter was recently sent to Pastor Alamo by a paid undercover FBI agent:

To: World Pastor Tony Alamo

From: Peeler, John G., former member of the FBI, aka Eagle Scout, “The Shadow Warrior”

RE: “Bill Clinton, the Pope and I” by Tony Alamo

God bless World Pastor Tony Alamo. Your four-page Volume 24000 was 100%correct! When Bill Clinton found out that you were against the Catholic Church, Bill

Buford and Glen Jordan [ATF agents who took part in the Waco raid] wanted me to befriend and find out about you and your church, and I was asked to frame you and your church members in any way I could and to kill you if possible!

After talking to the people running your stores and business and churches, I told all the federal judges and agents that you were squeaky-clean, and I refused to kill you!

A few weeks before you were arrested the last time, I told you on a radio talk and internet talk show that the U.S. feds were going to frame you for child porn and/or other child offenses!

I killed many people and I hope most of them really deserved it. I have repented of my New World Order job, and I thank God that I did not kill you! The New World

Order is upset that Chelsea [Clinton] married a Jewish businessman that used the Clinton Foundation as his piggy bank. You need to read the book, Crossfire, by L. D. Brown.

I am in stage II cancer. Please say a prayer for me and John Christopher Peeler, EARU, PO Box 970, Marianna AR 72360. Write to him please, if you can.

God bless you,

Peeler, John Garry

NOTE: When signing up, all addresses are kept private and confidential but used to prove numbers of collected names are valid, similar to voter registration forms -- so no worries about privacy.

Note: This is just a quick note. Our formal petition letter to authorities is being drafted by friends of the court to be sent to parole authorities, the Gov. of Arkansas, Congressional office holders and the President of the United States -- to be sent once signatures are gathered. Like the Bible says, when one Christian hurts, we all hurt. As we speak, there is an assault worlwide on Christians. No one knows this better than Pastor Tony Alamo who has been framed and jailed for his Christian ministry for 175 years. Please research the subject and help us free Tony.

Update #45 months ago
I want to thank everybody for signing and spreading the word to Free Tony Alamo. We are up to 410 of you, including both on and offline signers. Considering people are preoccupied with the elections, once over, we should get many, many more. I have been told Tony has appreciated every one of you and he thanks you very much for the support. Please keep him in your prayers as he doesn't deserve to be locked away. Again, thank you ad keep spreading the word.
Update #36 months ago
This weekend I signed up 102 people with hand signatures by going to the biggest tourist attraction in San Diego, the USS Midway Museum. I must say I took my dog Max to draw attention so thank him. Just get out and This is a great way to spread the petition offline. Also, spread the word online by getting all your friends to sign the petition. Thanks for your support and we will get Tony out of prison.
Update #26 months ago
The purpose of this message is to inform you that Greg Anthony has invited you to contribute to the blog "Free Pastor Tony Alamo". To accept this invitation, go to and contribute your message to the Blog. Important: Send this message to at least 10 friends after signing here. Thanks again for all your support as we are confident of getting Pastor Alamo out of prison. Don't forget each signature matters.
Update #16 months ago
Thanks for signing the petition and supporting. Make sure you pass the word out to all your friends or to at least 10 other people. Also, go to for more information
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