Petition to get a classic car pack for Grand Theft Auto V on xbox 360 and ps3.

 I want to have a return of cars from previous Grand Theft Auto titles. More specifically the classic cars that we all remember from more recent GTA games like GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV. 

 The cars I want (and I'm sure others want) are as follows 

  • Imponte Dukes (GTA IV version) 
  • Classique Stallion (GTA IV version) 
  • Vapid Slamvan (San Andreas version) 
  • Willard Faction (GTA IV version) 
  • Declasse Tampa (GTA IV version) 
  • X Blade (GTA San Andreas) REMOVED FROM LIST= ADDED IN THE "I'm not a hipster update" X

 Please sign If you would like to see a return of these cars.

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