• by: Emily Ann
  • target: Trip Advisor CEO: Stephen Kaufer, Lonley Planet CEO: Daniel Houghton

Elephant trekking camps promote and profit off the unspeakable torture of baby elephants in order to break their spirits and provide rides to tourists at tourist attractions. Baby elephants are pulled from their mothers and each of their feet. They are beaten bloody by several men who use hot irons, bullhoos several inches long, shovels. Nails are pounded into their sensitive skin. Elephants will often step on their trunks to kill themselves and infanticide is common. Mothers will kill their babies so they don't have to go through it.

Both TripAdvisor and Lonley Planet endorse and feature some of the most abusive trekking camps in the world. The scars covering the elephants heads and bodies tell the heartbreaking tale of the elephants lives. Of those subject to phajaan, 50% die. Of those who survive half of them will go mad.

Demand these travel organizations strip these abusive trekking camps of all recommendations and endorsements. This is something that literally keeps me up at night and we can't let this continue. The only way is to let everyone know not to ever ride an elephant at a tourist attraction.

*Note, sometimes you can't be sure that these petitions will ever be sent off to the target, but you can count on me.  Last year, using the petition I posted on Care2, I successfully urged Bravo TV Network to pull the series 'Tour Group' to edit out scenes featuring the cast participating in elephant trekking before  they could be aired.  I will take this as far as I need to make sure none of these camps are able to continue to sustain their business.  Other companies will undoubtedly be added as targets to the petition.  Thank you for taking the time to Care2.

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Update #15 days ago
I am so thankful to everyone who've signed and shared this petition, 20K signatures in 5 days! I just learned One Green Planet has picked up this petition and am incredibly excited. Be sure to check out their article here:

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