Jordan hill to stop everything

For too long we have suffered the wrath of the one they call 2 bird! Too long has gone and he has been left unpunished! This petition will help us make 2 bird realise the error of his ways, who knows we may even have to look at snapbacks less and maybe a few more girls will feel his cut winky in them! Who knows what a world without 2 bird would be like... who knows! I dream of this world for myself but even if i dont have the priveledge to see this world in my time then a better world for my children or my grandchildren i just have to hope! Just picture it... as ludicrous as it may sound just picture a world where we can laugh, we can talk to girls without being scared! Our children deserve this world, a small child once told me "Change the world today, for tomorows generation" That small child was my heart. I need this petition to reach new heights in order to make 2 bird jordan into a human being, surely he deserves a chance? Surely we all deserve to live in a happier place including the 2 bird. Maybe this is just a dream that will soon be blowing away in the wind of hope but ill be damned if i dont fight to rid these streets of the 2 bird!  

So this is why i ask, NEIGH i beg you... for a signature for a better world.


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