Enlisted Deserves A Fighting Chance

"Enlisted" is a show that never got a fair shot.  It was shown at May upfronts in 2013 but it did not air until January of 2014.  When it did air, it was moved to a Friday death slot.  Then the Olympics happened and it was off for several weeks.  Once it started finding it's groove, it was cancelled before the last 4 episodes were aired.  Some shows need to be nutured.  The XFiles started with a small fan base and grew into a cult hit for 10 years.  Nielsen's do not properly reflect the viewing habits of people.  This show is a hit with military people, yet their viewership does not count either.  Enlisted has a rabid social media presence.  Even after it was cancelled, Charmin and Applebees ran a contest for people who were watching Enlisted during a specific time period.  It was a hit.  We hope that other networks will see the value in this show, the M*A*S*H of this century, and give it a season 2. 

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