Fruit Trees

Another site through which you can plant trees for FREE - including fruit trees for people in need and animals in sanctuaries.

Just play the trivia game and each correct answer earns points toward a tree.  It takes 180 correct answers to plant a whole tree, but if we work together we can do it in no time at all!  Every twelve correct answers earns a symbolic "branch" and every fifteen "branches" generated on the site equals a REAL tree that gets planted somewhere in the world.

My goal is to get fifteen people to sign this so that just one branch each will equal a whole tree between us, and if we all earn one branch a day for the next week, we will have planted seven trees.  Who's with me? 

Pledge to visit and earn a branch every day for the next week.  And of course, if you feel like playing for longer that's even better!

Here's the link:

Also, please click this site daily to plant even more trees:

Thanks so much for caring for the earth and it's inhabitants.

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