Stop Bullfighting in Colombia

 Also known astauromachia or tauromachy  is a traditional spectacle of SpainPortugal, southern France and some Hispanic American countries (MexicoColombiaEcuadorVenezuela and Peru)[2] and the Philippines, in which one or more bulls are baited, and then killed in a bullring for sport and entertainment. As such, it is often called a blood sport by its detractors, but followers of the spectacle regard it as a 'fine art' and not a sport, as there are no elements of competition in the proceedings. In Portugal, it is illegal to kill a bull in the arena, so it is removed, treated and released into its owners' (ganadero) fields.

In colombia this practice  is still legal  , please sign in order to promove its cancelation.
it's   a cruel and  barbaric blood sport, in which the bull suffers severe stress and a slow, torturous death.


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