Stop The Senseless Malicious Prosecution & Incarceration Of Actually Innocent People

  • by: Harold Krieg
  • target: All Americans, District Attorneys, Attorney Generals, United States Attorney's Office, FBI, Judges, United States Department Of Justice, Attorneys, Lawyers, News Reporters, and Everybody Else

There are so many District Attorneys and Attorney Generals who are quick to maliciously prosecute people, even when there is an abundance of proof that a person is actually innocent. These actually innocent people, especially those who are poor, are forced, by their Public Defender attorney, to take plea deals, despite their innocense. Most if not all of these people end up incarcerated. Thus, the rest of their lives are destroyed.

Would you want this to happen to you? If not stopped now, you, your family, your friends, etc. could be the next victim of being an actually innocent persons who is maliciously prosecuted and then spend years/decades in jail/prison

The individuals, named below, each took and/or have taken part in the continual destruction of actually innocent, poor, Hispanic, Steven Crain's life. These below listed individuals and their departments, have collectively committed horrific violations/injustices, retaliation, been vindictive, committed acts of malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct, committed perjury, unlawfully detained, false arrest, etc.

My Blogsites at the bottom, will explain all the details.

Based on their salaries, one can say committing criminal acts does pay, a lot.


Southern Nevada Parole & Probation Southern Nevada P & P Sergeant Shawn W. Eckert – 2014 - $82,330

Southern Nevada P & P Officer Michael David VanDyke – 2014 - $76,341

Southern Nevada P & P Officer Gary E. Smith – 2014 – 90,901

Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson – 2014 - $242,969

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Kay Holthus – 2014 - $231,992

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins – 2014 - $52,182

Clark County Senior Attorney District Attorney Laura Rehfeldt – 2014 - $222,503

Now Former Clark County District Attorney David Roger – 2011 - $267,261

Clark County Public Defender Director Philip Kohn – 2014 - $274,682 

Clark County District Court Judge Stewart L. Bell – 2008 - $142,165

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Kevin Morgenstern – 2014 - $167,740

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Todd Raybuck – 2014 – $186,936

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sergeant Jon M. Scott – 2014 - $258,700

Now Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortes Masto – 2014 - $174,266


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