Please help reform DFCS laws in Georgia

The laws in Georgia regarding DFCS permits social workers and judges to maliciously rip apart families without due process of law according to the Constitution. Families are losing their children under false allegations and fabricated evidence. When in court, families face a judge, two lawyers most of the time, and a slew of case workers. And usually, by the time families enter court, the fate of their children has already been decided: adoption. Outrageous demands are ordered by the court and grief-stricken families struggle to just survive their terrible loss with added pressures that if they don't cooperate, their children will be sold to the highest bidder. Juvenile courts are sealed and protected and juvenile records are closed to the public. Parents are refused their 4th amendment right to be secure in their homes, they are refused their 5th amendment right not to say anything that would self-incriminate or suffer the fate of a capital crime never committed, they are not allwed a jury trial, to confront their accusors, which according to the 6th amendment of the United States constitution, we have a right to all of this. Unless you are a parent fighting for the God given right to be a parent. The state has allowed DFCS to seize children, abuse them, interrogate families, intimidate families, force them into signing away their rights through coercion and ruining familes forever. This is not just a petition for the safe return of my own children, kidnapped four years ago on trumped up charges, this is for any innocent family in the state of Georgia that is fed up with DFCS hiding under the cloak of the government and getting federal funding for their evil deeds. I want our officials to look into the situation and realize we have a problem. There needs to be a thorough investigation of how money is handled, where the children go, where the money goes from adoptions, and the statistics of leaving children at home vs foster care. We want our children back and are praying that our elected officials here in Georgia will hear our cries and act quickly on resolving this matter. Too much time has already been lost and so time is of the essence here.

There has been a recent update concerning the CPS laws in Ga. I need for EVERYONE that is fighting in GA to contact me ASAP!!
We the undersigned agree that DFCS is a serious problem in our state and needs immediate attention. We would like for our elected officials to carefully consider the impact that taking children from families has on not only those involved but the entire state as well. Over half of the children put into foster care will eventually grow in delinquents or worse. The rights of families not to be violated by the state should be a priority. We would appreciate your time to help make this happen. There are many sites dedicated to saving animals and they have thousands of signatures. We need to show Congress that our families and our children are more important than animals and need to be preserved. We need help and we need for you to take a stand and say that what is happening to us is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral. It is our God given right to be parents, not state licensed. A license is merely a permit from the government and God given rights are something that no one can take from us. Please take a stand. Do it for the children, the future of our world. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and God bless you.
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