Allow stock Epi-pens in every Arkansas school

There have been too many children's deaths at school because of anaphylactic reactions and not receiving the life-saving medication in time.  By law, school nurses are not allowed to give a life-saving medication (Epi-pen) to students who are having a life-threating allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) unless it is prescribed to them.  This law needs to be changed and allow schools to have stock Epi-pens in case of an emergency.  By changing this law and allowing schools to have stock Epi-pens, without a prescription, it will save many lives. Please support Arkansas Bill CLR208. By supporting this bill doctor's can prescribe schools Epinephrine and school nurses can administer a stock Epipen to any student in a life-threatening situation.  Schools have AED machines, why not Epi-pens (Epinephrine). 

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