Demand Pittsburgh updates surveillance on inner city bridges and riverbanks!!

Hi my name is Nick Conley. Since atleast 2011 the city of Pittsburgh has found a rash of young men being found in our rivers with most being ruled accidental drownings or possible suicides. The people of the city of Pittsburgh, and the rash of young men being found in our rivers has become more of an epidemic and this is unacceptable. There is some video cameras placed on our bridges already but most do not work, or do not have them at all. Also unacceptable. The evidence is mounting that Pittsburgh has a sick twisted serial killer that is hunting young men, and somehow staging their deaths as accidental suicides or drownings. The problem with this, is that these young men have a very loving family, careers, school,mentally stable and tons of friends, etc. Meaning the chance that all these missing men are simply slipping into our rivers, or jumping to their deaths just doesnt make sense. Alot of these men have been filmed on city cameras, at various locations, walking through our city but seem to vanish in thin air while approaching areas along our inner city river banks and bridges and disappearing. Had our video recorders been up and running on just our bridges and most of our riverbanks alot of the mystery would most likely have an explanation for why these men keep being found dead in our waters. Why is'nt there a rash of 20-40 year old women being found? Why? We all want to know why Mayor Peduto? and it would be great for the city, and its people to get some reassurance that this issue will not go unseen any longer.

Update #59 days ago
Guys lets make a strong push for 3,000!!!! Come on Pittsburgh!
Update #411 days ago
Stay tuned for tomorrow early evenings major announcment!!! Pittsburgh loves you hard!
Update #313 days ago
Wow!!! 2,200 signatures! Ok. Lets get to 2,500 ... chances (sadly) are slim that the news is going to help so were on our own.lets hit 2,500 and as long as majority agree ill take it down and begin process of reaching the mayor. Thank you everyone for your support. We have to stop this. We need to to keep people safe!
Update #214 days ago
Ok guys i have increased the goal.please continue to share. Also dont forget that when you share it, you are also urging your friends to tell their friends to share it. Thats how these go viral. And remember share to any or all of these sites.


Update #116 days ago
P.S. please keep your powerful messages going as well on the petition. The city, and proper authorites will be seeing this. And i will walk up and knock on the mayors door once we reach this goal.

Please guys. Thank you.

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