Tell Universal Pictures to remake DragonHeart closer to the novelization with Patrick Read Johnson as director

The 1996 film DragonHeart is now seen as a nostalgic cult classic and the character of Draco is seen of one of cinema's greatest dragons, but what many people don't know is that the released film in fact far from what it was intended to be.

Hollywood is currently in a phase where studios are churning out remakes and reboots of popular films. So, with all these remakes and reboots these days, I wonder why no one is bringing up DragonHeart? The film has now celebrated its 20th anniversary, so why not have a second look at it? It isn't like no one has been thinking about it or asking for it all these years, especially after reading Charles Edward Pogue's novelization of the film and learning what DragonHeart could have been. Charles Edward Pogue's screenplay for the film was praised by all who read it, claiming it sent them on an emotional roller coaster and that it was one of the best scripts they had ever read.

Some films have benefited from a remake or reboot because they were handled properly. DragonHeart had a ton of potential to be the epic fantasy Johnson and Pogue had written it to be but it was held back by the CGI technology of the time, and ruined by studio interference and choices made by the director Rob Cohen.

Meanwhile, Johnson has expressed a desire to remake DragonHeart in line with his original vision. It was the film that cemented my love for dragons and I still love it despite its flaws, but there's no denying that it could and should have been better. If DragonHeart were to be remade more faithfully to Pogue's book, with Liam Neeson as Bowen, Sean Connery returning to voice Draco, a proper cast of English actors, a longer running time, and the right direction, then audiences could be given the DragonHeart they should have had to begin with.

For more info, have a look at my Moviepilot/Creators post.

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Dear Universal,

These days Hollywood is full of sequels, remakes, and reboots of popular franchises. Over the years since its release in 1996, DragonHeart has gained cult classic status. It also went on to spawn a franchise of its own that currently has a fourth film in the works. Given the development process it went through, perhaps DragonHeart was made a bit too early as CG film characters were only starting to take off after Jurassic Park came along changed everything.

With the resounding success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the films of the Harry Potter saga, interest in the fantasy film genre was renewed. Everyone's eyes were reopened to the possibility of fantasy films being mainstream and properties that could be met with critical acclaim and endure the test of time. Ever since, Hollywood has seen a resurgence of fantasy films, and with visual effects technology continuously evolving, the sky's the limit!

Please take these points into conderation and think about remaking DragonHeart more faithfully to Charles Pogue's novelization to tell the story of Draco and Bowen to a new generation and give current fans like myself the true version of the film, as it was meant to be.

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