Trip Advisor: stop promoting animal abuse in Malaysia

    In a situation that can only be described as beyond heartbreaking, an Asian elephant called Lasah in Malaysia is enslaved by humans and exploited and abused 24/7/365. Langkawi Elephant Adventures (LEA), Kedah, Malaysia own Lasah and there are several Trip Advisor pages promoting ‘elephant experiences’ with Lasah through a business called Oriental Village.

    LEA do not meet the basic needs of Lasah's species, some of which are:

    To live with other elephants - he lives alone
    To sleep lying down - he's chained to the floor
    To cover himself in mud to protect himself from sunburn - he's kept clean for the tourists who don't understand why elephants need to use mud to protect themselves
    To regulate his body temperature in water - water isn't available for bathing
    To roam free - chained up when not in use

    I am petitioning Trip Advisor to remove the pages listed below.

    Positive reviews of rides on Lasah published by Trip Advisor legitimise this attraction and ensure a continuing market both for the tourism and the poaching that will supply elephants to tourism.

    Trip Advisor seem either happy with supporting poaching or are unaware that poaching supplies elephants to tourism. Where else do the elephants come from?!

    Needless to say Trip Advisor was asked to remove the pages and they didn't.

    The dirty secret of elephant tourism and trekking is that young elephants, usually baby girls, are first poached from their mother and herd and 'broken'. Breaking is done by chaining the baby elephant's body into a large structure so the humans can torture the elephant with instruments and pain. When the elephant is broken it can be taught what the human wants it to do to earn money for the human. Training involves more pain and torture.

    The average weight that a trekking elephant carries each day all day is around half a tonne allowing for 150 kilo chair plus 4 guests. You will see permanent indentations on elephant backs where these chairs have been. Elephants live as long as humans and are often worked to death.

    There is a local sanctuary called Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary that will be able to have Lasah and let him enjoy a retirement if Lasah cannot be ‘wild released’ after rehabilitation.

    Some background about how Lasah is being helped and how you can help:

    There is mounting pressure on the local environment ministry pressure headed by Friends of the Orangutans (FOTO) Malaysia

    In January 2017, FOTO organised a protest in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and in February, they personally handed the two petitions to the head of the Peninsular Malaysia Wildlife Department and the Head of the Corporate Communications Unit at the Environment Ministry of Malaysia. Petitions were submitted to the Prime Minister’s Department in 2016. In March 2017, FOTO organised a protest in London, UK.

    There are two online petitions (apart from this one) and there is a Facebook page. Please get involved and sign and share them to get updates from FOTO Malaysia and support this cause.

    Over 400,000 supporters have signed this petition:

    Over 40,000 supporters have signed this petition:


    Please sign and share this petition. Thank you.
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