Save the Dolphins

dolphins are in great danger!!!

In Japan every year, over 23,000 Dolphins are slaughtered. Many people are unaware of what is happening, both japanesse civilians and the world.

Many goverment officals in japan are aware of the dolphin meat conspiracy. Where dolphin meat is sold as different types of meat. this is very dangerous because dolphins are known to have high mercury levels.
* Many dolphins washed ashore have been shown to have etched out grey matter from mercury poisoning.
* dolphins are know to have 10 times the advised mercruy level which is 0.4 ppm
  Selling dolphin meat is illegal but many are unaware. This has affected many small towns and schools, where dophin meat has been served to children.
*In humans, even low-level mercury poisoning has been found to cause memory loss, hair loss, fatigue, depression, difficulty concentrating, tremors and headaches.
The mercury has cause an increase in child defects.

 Many of the dolphins are rounded up to be shipped to aquariums around the world, but the other ones that are left arent released but are slaughtered.

Dolphins arent protected by the International Whaling Commission, so they are aware of the dolphins slaughtering.

dolphins are known to save humans, so why not return the favor. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETIOIN 

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