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We would like members of the public to sign this petition, in support of Jerry Cole, a rare reptile breeder, he is a valued member of the community, he is a very well respected man, especially when it comes to his knowledge of reptiles, Jerry Cole shares, his knowledge educating both the young, and old. Due to a careless mistake Jerry is currently serving a 5 year sentence, at HMP. Which is costing you as a tax payer, £41,000 per year! Jerry Cole is NO DANGER, to the public, and has never offended before. Many people feel Jerry, has been done a miscarriage of justice, as real criminals such as, paedophile , rapists etc, receive a lesser sentence, or walk free, with the opportunity  to re-offend  again, causing harm to members of the public. so please support us with this petition, to either, get Jerry's harsh sentence reduced, or to have a good natured man freed. The time Jerry has already spent, at HMP has taught, him a very valuable lesson. Keeping Jerry at HMP, is a waste of tax payer's money, and keeps real criminals, who are a danger to the public, from receiving the punishment they deserve...

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