Russia: Drop Charges Against Gay Rights Activists!

17 gay rights activists were arrested at a May Day rally in St. Petersburg, Russia. The group that was detained were trying to unfold rainbow flags and raise posters. They were charged with failing to co-operate with police officers. 

St. Petersburg recently passed a law that bans "homosexual propaganda", becoming the 4th city in Russia to pass such a law. Politicians are attempting to pass similar legislation at a federal level, with pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Please tell the Russian government to drop all charges against these gay rights activists -- who were simply fighting against discrimination and hatred -- and not pass a federal law that will severely hurt gay rights. 

Please drop all charges against seventeen gay rights activists who were charged with "failing to co-operate with police officers" during a May Day rally in St. Petersburg, in relation to a law that bans "homosexual propaganda". 

Fight against discrimination and hatred, not for it, by refusing to pass a law similar to this on a federal level. Do what is right. 

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