Kelsey Bourgeois / October 3, 2016

Be an advocate, be a voter!

As advocates, you and I both know how powerful our collective voice can be. We know that signing a petition can change the world by protecting an animal or empowering workers — and so can casting a vote.

That’s why Care2 has teamed up with HelloVote to make registering to vote just as simple as signing a petition. Now, registering will literally take you just 60 seconds and a few text messages. It’s even quicker than updating your Facebook status!

Be a Voter!

(Travelling during the election? Find out how to get counted here!)

If this election cycle has shown us anything, it’s that we cannot trust things to go the way we expect them to. We can’t take anything for granted. Instead, we have to step in and make things happen if we want to block a Trump presidency and other threats to progressive America.

We get that there is a lot of frustration this election, but sitting out in protest or apathy is not the answer. You have an incredible power — and that’s to amplify your voice by casting your vote. And not just for president. This November, you will also have the chance to choose your senator, member of congress, state representatives, and your local officials. These are the people making decisions on your behalf about animal welfare, environmental protections, women’s rights, workers’ rights and more!

If you want to create a more just, positive, progressive world, remember that activism extends all the way to the polls.

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