Kelsey Bourgeois / February 21, 2017

Get to Know Us: Miranda from Activist University

It’s been almost a year since we launched Activist University back in March 2016, and we thought it’s high time we introduced ourselves to you!

So starting off, let’s learn a little about Miranda. She’s our Member Activism Coordinator here at Care2 and the founder of Activist University, which she runs together with Kelsey (whom you’ll meet in a later post). And Activist U, of course, is Care2’s online training program for grassroots advocates. Miranda is well-known for her obsession with her two orange kitties (named Tiger and Simba), equally obsessive vegan baking shenanigans, and only moderately-obsessive love of singing musical numbers whenever she darn well pleases. Get to know her a little more below:

What’s your favorite activist chant ever?

I like chants that emphasize the strength, commitment, and unstoppable nature of people power. Also, ones with a funky rhythm. My current favorites are: “Welcome to your [Nth] day – we will never go away!” (directed at the Trump administration), and “Ain’t no power like the power of the people / cuz the power of the people don’t stop!”

Favorite part of being a Care2 member?

I guess my experience is different because I’m also a Care2 staffer, but the thing I love most is feeling like I’m not alone. Every day when I come into work, I get to be surrounded by passionate people – both the people on staff, and our grassroots members. It reminds me that the world is good and there are good people in it, and some days I really need that.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about advocacy, good or bad?

Take care of yourself first. Never forget that you cannot be an effective advocate for any cause if you can’t be an effective advocate for yourself. The personal is political, on such a microscopic, fundamental level. We have to learn to love ourselves first.

How do you keep motivated?

Surrounding myself with good people! And laughing. Never underestimate the power of laughter. When the going gets tough, I ping my friends and colleagues and talk about silly stuff. Also, I love Bitmojis. They make my world go ’round. If you don’t have a Bitmoji account yet… you are missing out, my friend.

Favorite emoji?

Well, if I have to choose an emoji instead of a Bitmoji, it’s definitely cats. Specifically the heart-eyed-cat.

 Oh yeah.

When you get stuck on an advocacy problem, what resources to do you use to solve it?

Tips from our Activist University platform! Also, talking to people. I guess that’s a running theme with me, but seriously, other people often have the best advice. I like crowd-sourcing for solutions. Always works. (That’s how I know we can defeat Trump!)

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