Miranda Becker / January 24, 2017

Whatever You Do for The Next 4 Years, Oppose Trump

Shit’s getting real, and it’s time for each and every one of us to step up in a real way to oppose Trump. In the one-question poll below, let us know what YOU will be doing to fight Trump’s agenda of hating on Muslims, deporting immigrant families, assaulting women, and sucking up to Russia’s despotic anti-LGBTQ leader.

There are myriad ways to fight back, so don’t think you can only do things that are on this list. But out of all these options, where will you start? Do you want to do a little self-education to make sure you’re properly understanding patterns and histories of injustice, or do you want to engage in open dialogue with someone different from you? There are so many answers and none is “more right” than another.

How will you prepare to fight back during Trump’s presidency? Tell us below!


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