Remove pro-hunting Mike Bax from his position as Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust

Michael Bax served as Chairman of the Hare-hunting group the Blean Beagles between 1971 and 2005 (although Baily's Hunt Directory lists him as being 'Joint Master' until as late as 2016). He also currently allows a pheasant shoot on his land. In 2014 and beyond all comprehension, Bax became Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust.

It has also been discovered that Bax's business, BTF Partnership, sponsored game shoots in Kent in July 2014, three months after Bax became Chair of Kent Wildlife Trust. He also donated a 'tide flight' to an auction that would take place in the autumn/winter of that year. A tide flight is a bird shoot that takes place in watery areas at a time when the tide is changing and birds and ducks are at their most active. Many wading birds are facing dramatic declines in their population and that the Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust would sponsor their slaughter is unthinkable!

The Brown Hare is an endangered species across the UK and Bax does not represent the views of Kent Wildlife Trust's membership who pay their fees to protect wildlife, not slaughter it for pleasure.

Bax's association with Kent Wildlife Trust has been condemned by members, conservationists, animal welfare organisations and politicians, ranging from Chris Packham to PETA.

Bax is damaging the reputation of not just Kent Wildlife Trust, but the Wildlife Trusts in general. He is not a fit and proper person to be running a wildlife conservation charity and we call for Kent Wildlife Trust to cut their ties with him immediately.

Additional info:

One of Bax's business partners, Stuart Sillars of BTF Partnership is currently listed as 'Joint Master', 'Huntsman' and 'Hare Conservationist' for the Blean Beagles and has been Huntsman since 1996. He has also been photographed as recently as 4th March 2017 out with a pack of Beagles. Another of Bax's business partners, this time Charles Tassell of Rural PLC, is propping Bax up in his role as a trustee at Kent Wildlife Trust. Richard Thomas, another of Bax's business partners at BTF Partnership, also donated a day's shoot to the same auction that Bax did. Advertising 'Expected bag 50-75 pheasants and possibly an unlucky duck'.

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