URGENT: Stop the Export of 800 Lion Skeletons from South Africa to Asia

The South African Government has just proposed to export 800 lion skeletons per year from South Africa to Asia. 800 lions would be killed and taken from the shameful captive breeding industry. This is a way to feed this industry which is in decline after the US ban on lion trophy imports. We have been given an opportunity to comment on this proposal.

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We are afraid that this trade will negatively impact the already declining wild lion population. How can lion bones from captive lions be distinguished from those of wild lions and what processes need to be in place to prevent leakage from illegal sources to legal ones? Is the SA State in possess of adequate studies to confirm that this trade will not be detrimental for the wild lion population as requested at the CITES 17 for all species listed in Appendix II, Article IV?

This petition has been delivered by the deadline, on the 2nd of February. We raised 60.000 signatures in 8 days! We asked for an extension of the time limit. In case this request will be satisfied, you can keep on signing.

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Mr Mpho Tjiane, Deputy Director: CITES Policy Development and Implementation, Biodiversity and Conservation mtjiane@environment.gov.za



The attached document represents the opinion of about 60.000 people. These signatures were raised in 8 days, after the public was invited to comment on the proposed lion bone quota, by DEA on 25/01/17. The number is growing by the minute.

The public opinion is represented also by other two petitions and one Poll (See links at the bottom of this letter).

Please take all the following in consideration.

Thank you.


Dumbleton Mokoena                                                        Expose Illegal Trapping in South Africa




We, the Public, object to the time limit given by DEA on this issue. Eight days are not sufficient to adequately monitor the national and international public reaction to the proposal. It should be extended.

The signers of this petition, on the base of a list of national and international studies and articles, listed below, are stating:


We don`t support the proposed 800 Lion Export Quota.

We are aware of articles (see list below) warning that this trade could negatively impact the already declining wild lion population and the Endangered tiger population.

We have questions that need to be answered before any export quota is proposed.

We are afraid there are not sufficient rules in place to avoid wild lion bones to be mistaken and trafficked instead of captive lion bones.

We are afraid DEA has insufficient data on how the industry operates, who the breeders, bone traders are, how many lions are in the industry and how many “facilities” there are. The industry would be, in essence, left free to operate and the threat for the lion wild population, in this conditions is HUGE.

We fear the ethic and the corruption in the system of the lion captive breeding facilities.

We are aware this kind of farming doesn’t respect the Animal Welfare standards.

We are aware the State is currently not in possess of adequate studies to confirm the trade will not be detrimental for the wild lion population. These studies should also indicate how to safely proceed with strategies and rules to regulate the trade and captive lion farming. This was formally requested at the CITES 17: Export Permit Shall only be granted for Appendix II species when a scientific authority of the State will advise that such export will not be detrimental to the survival of that species.

We ask you to consider the negative impact this trade and the captive lion industry had and will continue to have on Brand SouthAfrica

We and the world have seen pictures of starving lions inside the lion breeding facilities (pictures are attached)

We, the public, ask Zero Quota until the above issues are not solved, as established at the CITES 17.

Thank you.

References and Press:

Article . Traveller 24 News: South African Public, No Time To Contest http://traveller24.news24.com/Explore/Green/sa-public-has-no-time-to-contest-annual-quota-of-800-lions-bones-20170130

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Article . Conservation Action Trust: SAs Export Plan https://conservationaction.co.za/media-articles/sas-plan-export-800-lion-skeletons-misguided-shameful/           

Petitions colleting comments from the public, nationally and internationally:

Humane Society International https://action.hsi.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=104&ea.campaign.id=62370&ea.tracking.id=sharefb

Care2: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/959/052/321/we-object-to-the-south-african-dea-proposed-lion-bone-quota/?taf_id=33126256&cid=fb_na#bbfb=428088305

Change Org: https://forcechange.com/165135/stop-killing-lions-and-exporting-their-bones/

Poll: http://focusingonwildlife.com/news/poll-should-the-trade-in-captive-lions-and-their-bones-be-stopped/

Update #17 months ago
We don't have enough signatures and the deadline in by the 2nd of February!
Please take action by
2 . SENDING A BRIEF COMMENT to Mr Mpho Tjiane, Deputy Director: CITES Policy Development and Implementation, Biodiversity and Conservation mtjiane@environment.gov.za by the 2nd of February 2017.
You can read a guideline in the petition. THANK YOU!
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