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Steps: How to Start Your Petition

  1. Write it

    Creating a petition takes just a few moments. First, select a category, such as Animal Welfare or Human Rights. Then write an attention-grabbing title. Next, identify the person to send your signatures to. Finally, write a short summary explaining why people should support your cause.
  2. Promote it

    Start by emailing friends, or post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Have a website? Use our widget to collect signatures on your site.
  3. Get help from Care2 staff

    Our team of experts has worked on thousands of non-profit and citizen petition campaigns and can provide free advice and help to spread the word, get press, etc.
  4. Share your Win!

    We love to hear success stories. Let us know and we'll include your victory with thousands of other petition wins. Your story will help to inspire others to stand up and speak out for a more inclusive, fair and just society. Together, we are making a better world.

Start a Petition

Read about Care2 petitions in The New York Times, BBC, Buzzfeed, CNN, Washington Post, NPR, National Geographic, Business Insider, Yahoo and many more. You can help an abused dog, fight injustice at a business, change school policy, help the homeless, protect pedestrians, save wildlife, get public comments, fight for equal rights, honor someone, advocate for women's rights, and so much more.


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