Help Even the Smallest Wildlife Survive Global Warming

Biologists now suspect that the first mammal to disappear from the Lower 48 states because of global warming will be the pika, a tiny rabbit that lives at high altitudes in cold regions. Although they may be the first, pikas are certainly not alone. Scientists say that 20 to 30 percent of all species could be put on a path toward extinction if global warming continues unchecked. The Climate Security Act would not only be the biggest step ever taken to reduce global warming pollution, it also sets aside billions for conservation of natural resources affected by global warming. Global warming is already contributing to sea-level rise, intensified storms and droughts, an increase in catastrophic fires, the spreading of invasive species and a host of other ecosystem disruptions.
Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to cosponsor and vote for the Climate Security Act, introduced by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Sen. John Warner (R-Va.).

This is a very important bill that requires large emitters such as power plants and oil refineries to collectively cut their greenhouse gas emissions every year, starting in 2012, at a pace scientists say is needed to avoid catastrophic climate changes. It sets the pace to reduce global warming pollution by about 2 percent per year, cutting emissions from major emitters 15 percent below current levels by the year 2020, and 70 percent below current levels by 2050.

The revenue generated from an auction of pollution permits issued under this "cap and trade" system will be significant.

I am very pleased that a portion of these dollars will be used to help wildlife survive global warming. It is essential that these funds be used to carry out scientific research, acquire and manage habitats and take many additional steps to help wildlife survive the impacts of a changing climate.

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Global warming poses an unprecedented threat to wildlife. It is already contributing to sea level rise, intensified storms and droughts, increased catastrophic fires, spreading pests and invasive species and a host of other ecosystem disruptions.

To prevent extinction of numerous treasured species and loss of many unique habitats, conservation work must be expanded to address such climate-related impacts. Investing in conservation is one of the most significant steps we can take to protect wildlife for our children's future.

What affects wildlife ultimately affects people, so the time is now to develop the best strategies to protect the landscapes and habitats they--and we--depend on.

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges both people and wildlife will face in the next century. The Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act is an important new approach to combating global warming that works for our economy and our environment.

Please cosponsor and vote for the Climate Security Act.
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