Let Same-Sex New York Couples Marry

With a simple "I do," straight couples can declare their love to each other. And just as importantly, they can declare it to the state--and in turn, they receive countless legal privileges otherwise unavailable to unmarried couples.

For the estimated 150,000 same-sex couples in New York City alone, these rights are not an option. Despite New Yorkers' 58% approval rate of the issue, state Senators are still waffling on whether to grant the entire state basic civil rights.

This week, the New York Senate will vote on same-sex marriage. Several senators from both parties have already expressed their support, but many more are still needed to join the fight against injustice.

LGBT-identifying New Yorkers must no longer be regarded as second-class citizens. Call on Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to set an example for the rest of his party and vote yes on the bill to support same-sex marriage in New York.
Dear Senator Dean Skelos,

I am writing to ask you to consider all New Yorkers in your vote this week regarding the same-sex marriage bill.

58% of New York residents agree that LGBT-identifying couples should have the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples. As a publicly elected official, I believe that you are morally obligated to acknowledge your constituents in your decisions.

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New Yorkers have spoken out in favor of same-sex marriage. All people deserve the same civil rights, regardless of where the party lines may stand. Several Republicans have already expressed their support for the gay marriage bill. I urge you, along with the rest of the New York Senate, to join them.


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