Denounce Kansas' Anti-Gay,Pro-Discrimination Bill!

The Kansas House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved an anti-gay, pro-discrimination bill that allows businesses to refuse service to anyone in a gay marriage, gay civil union, or "similar arrangement."

Kansas lawmakers fear that the state may soon face a pro-gay marriage ruling like Oklahoma did, when a federal judge overturned the state's gay marriage ban. Under the guise of "religious liberty," this new bill would:

- Allow any restaurant or bar owner to put up a sign that says "No Gays Served";
- Empowers employees of the state government to refuse to interact with gay citizens as a group;
- Allows anyone to refuse to provide accommodations, facilities, adoption, employment, and more to anyone even suspected of being complicit in, celebrating, or enabling the commitment of a gay couple.

This bill supports legal segregation of gay and straight people in virtually every arena of life. Stand up for equality and denounce Kansas' anti-gay, pro-discrimination law!
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