Attorney General Must Resign

  • by: Rodgers Akombe
  • target: Amos Wako, Attorney General of Kenya, The Government of Kenya
AG Amos Wako has personally supervised human rights abuses and Corrruption. Wako hounded people to court at night. He prepared charge sheets for Moi opponents. Wako watched as "stray bullets" killed Kenyans. Wako supervised the Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing etc looting.
Many of the problems that are facing Kenya now can be attributed to the office of the Attorney General. AG Amos Wako has personally supervised human rights abuses and corruption deals where Kenya has lost billions of Shillings.

It was Wako and Chunga who hounded people to court at night for simply demanding their rights to be human beings. It was Wako who prepared charge sheets for Kenyans whose only mistake was speak their mind.

Wako also watched as "stray bullets" killed many innocent Kenyans. Neither Wako nor his officers dared to bring charges on police officers that killed or maimed Kenyans.

Wako watched as hundreds of Kenyans were driven from their farms in the Rift Valley and Coast Province. Wako watched as children were hacked to death for simply being Luo, Kikuyu, Kisii, Maasai or Kalenjin etc.

Wako sat firmly in his AG seat smiling as billions of shillings were shipped out of Kenya by looters like the Goldenberg. He watched as Kenyans were driven into poverty.

Wako is still watching as out economy is being looted by briefcase firms like Anglo Leasing. It is Wako's responsibility to ensure that government contract laws protect the government from fraudsters.

Wako cannot absolve himself from the above charges by claiming that Kibaki or Moi made him do it since he is a lawyer who understands the law. If Wako was not party to the crimes committed by his office he should have resigned. Since he did not resign, we assume that he is and was party to all crimes against Kenyans committed by the government.

Wako is the chief government advisor so he should own up to mistake he made and resign. Wako has failed to carry out his duties as a lawyer representing every Kenyan. It is time for Wako to resign.

I believe that the power for change is in the people. For this reason, I ask you to join me in putting pressure on Wako to go home.
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