Stop Keeping Betta Fish in Cups!

  • By: Erica Durante
  • Target: Brian Devine, CEO, PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
Betta fish are not healthy and happy when kept in small, unfiltered cups instead of a tank. Please urge Petco to stop housing betta fish in small, dirty cups!

Please stop keeping betta fish in small, unfiltered cups, as this is cruel to the fish. A single male betta fish should be kept in at least one-gallon of clean, filtered water. Female betta fish can be kept with other female betta fish and certain other species of fish, though should not be kept in a small, dirty cup and should, like males, be kept in a filtered tank. Lying to your customers about the proper keeping of bettas is not a healthy business practice, for it is deceitful to your loyal customers.

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