Elections Must be Determined by Voters - Reverse Citizens United!

The Citizens United ruling has unleashed a flood of shadowy, corporate money into our political process, led by Karl Rove's American Crossroads. It's an attack on our democracy. In a system where one person, one vote is supposed to be the rule, outside groups like Crossroads are having an outsized influence.

But a group of Democratic senators has introduced a constitutional amendment that would essentially repeal the effects of this terrible ruling.

Become a Citizen Cosponsor of the Reverse Citizens United Amendment. We need to deliver 100,000 signatures to wipe this terrible ruling off the books.
I am proud to sign on as a Citizen Cosponsor of the Reverse Citizens United Amendment to counter the anti-democratic Citizens United decision. Elections must be determined by voters -- not deep-pocketed corporations and Karl Rove's shadowy groups.
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