Tell California Legislators: Stand with Women

Women are the backbone of California's families, workforce and economy. Yet over the past three years, California has chosen cuts-only budgets that have shredded programs critical to the health and safety of women and families. Make no mistake: more cuts means destroying people's lives.

You have until June 14 to tell your legislators: A temporary tax increase on the wealthy is better than permanent poverty for women and children.

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SUBJECT: Women and children need revenue solutions, not cuts

Dear [Decision Maker],

Women of California are suffering. A report recently published by the Women's Foundation of California, Falling Behind, showed that between 2006 and 2010, the employment rate for single mothers dropped by 10.4 percent; the percentage of older women living in poverty increased by almost 2 percent; and the enrollment in community colleges dropped by 130,000 students -- 82 percent of those students were women.

It's time to admit that cuts are not the solution to the state's fiscal problem. We need revenue solutions!

Today I ask you, my representative, to stand with women of California and

1. Reject cuts to CalWORKs, the California welfare to work program.
2. Reject restructuring and cuts to subsidized childcare, a vital program that keeps families working and children learning.
3. Reject cuts to Cal Grants so that low-income women can have a chance to get an education that helps them advance.
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