Visually-Impaired Americans Deserve Quality Education

90% of what you learn is visual, so, when it comes to education, children who are visually impaired often start at a disadvantage. Sadly, too many of our children who are blind attend schools that lack the resources to give them the specialized training they need and deserve.

Education -- even simply learning to read braille -- can be a game changer. 70% of U.S. citizens who are blind are unemployed or underemployed, but most people who read braille do have a job.

Perkins School for the Blind teaches students and professionals around the world the skills they need to succeed. The need is increasing, but to make sure all of America's visually-impaired citizens get access to the education and training they need, we must raise awareness.

Pledge to:
- Advocate for better resources for the visually-impaired in my community
- Care for my sight by scheduling my routine eye exam or referring a friend
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