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Petition Case Studies

Show People How the Issue Impacts Their Lives

When an invasive moth was discovered in California, the agriculture lobby panicked and insisted that the government eradicate it as soon as possible using extreme measures, including aerial spraying over entire cities. PetitionSite activist John created a petition to stop the spray and made clear its impact on local communities. As the media began to pick up on the story, thousands of concerned citizens signed the petition. When concerned parent groups learned of the spraying, they further spread word of the petition, as well as updates regarding the issue. By regularly updating the petition audience with new information about the spraying plan, the entire community stayed engaged and informed and continued to fight the spray plan until it was defeated.

Promoting Through Key Local Groups Can Have National Reach

PetitionSite activist Bob started a petition to stop a certain type of childhood cancer. He promoted the petition through hospital blogs that parents use to keep friends updated on their kids. Then he started a website that parents, friends, family, and important major childhood cancer organizations (CureSearch, Make A Wish, Gilda's Club, Alex's Lemonade Stand) joined in order to help spread the word. In hospitals and clinics, he posted paper copies of the petition with tear-off tabs showing the website address.

Printed Delivery Allows Representatives to See Constituents Care

Two parents with a daughter who is fighting SMA started a campaign asking Congress to find a cure for the disease. When they were ignored, they started a petition, and their cause began to receive support, including from national non-profits, FightSMA and Families of SMA. They worked together to lobby Congress.

By collecting city and state signature data, the PetitionSite activists provided their nonprofit partner, FightSMA, with information to present to representatives in D.C. "Politicians immediately took notice that their own constituents are asking for this bill. The petition literally opened doors for them that were previously closed!"

Delivering Comments to Save a Local Park from Destruction

PetitionSite activists who created the organization Friends of La Laguna successfully saved the "La Laguna" or Monster Park playground at Vincent Lugo Park. They presented more than 3,000 signatures to the city and have entered a Memorandum of Understanding for the preservation and rehabilitation of the park. "We loved the stories and memories that people shared as they signed our online petition!" The comments made the issue real to officials and showed that their constituents cared.

Media Attention Matters

Through intense, massive promotion, citizen activists quickly gained signatures and media attention for their petition Clemency for Ratchet (A Soldier's Dog in Iraq). When the petition had collected 11,000 signatures, the Associated Press picked up the story and sent it out to every news agency worldwide. Signatures continued to skyrocket and the world watched the story. With the media attention, the military became increasingly careful. The authors were able to use their signatures and the "court of public opinion" as leverage in their discussions with the military to free Ratchet to save his life. "After the failed second rescue attempt, the military took very good care of Ratchet until Operation Baghdad Pups could return the following week to Iraq to rescue the dog." They did not want any mistakes when they were making headlines across the world.

Staffing a Booth

One PetitionSite activist had a mother's group booth event that collected over 200 signatures in a day. You can bring a computer to events where wireless is available, or enter the signatures into a .cvs file and print them out alongside the signatures generated by the online version of the petition.