Please sign my petition with your reason why we should oust the PM. I will personally send it to Stephen Harper.

Here are reasons why we need to stop Stephen Harper from changing Canada into something that is the opposite of what generations of our ancestors toiled to create:

1. You have prorogued Parliament - Twice in one year!
2. You continue to allow the seal hunts
3. You are ignoring climate change
4. Is that your real hair?
5. Hosting the Olympics (an immoral tradition revived by Hitler)
6. Adding strange chemicals to our foods (Asparaginase)
7. The HST
8. You are letting other countries steal our Arctic territories
9. Are you an alien lizard person?
10. The war in Afganistan
11. You plan to stack the senate while parliament is prorogued
12. Your name sounds too much like Hitler for comfort
13. You are an ultra right-wing, religious, conservative reformist(this is the opposite of the values of most Canadian.
14. Your Beatles rendition was hideous!
15. Bill C-51
16. Airport full body scanners
17. Tortures in Afganistan
18. You have a frikin minority government which means the majority
       of Canadians don't like you!
19. Cuts to CBC
20. You fired the head of the long-gun registry program.
21. Your programs are the exact opposite of what we need to protect our
22. You see us the People as pesky gnats to be batted away in favour of 
       an allegiance to something more sinister.
23. You fired the Afgan Vets. ombudsman because he does not agree with your policies on providing adequate care for vets. One of your ministers would rather see Soldiers killed in Afganistan than bring them back wounded!
24. You are a fraud, you want to be a dictator and you make people ashamed of being Canadian
25. Your programs are the exact opposite of what we need to protect our Canada

1000. You just plain suck!.....

Mr Harper;
The majority of Canadians don't like you, your values and your underhanded politics. Please step down now and call an election so that we can reinstate a government that will support working people.
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