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This Petition is to let fellow game developer and Valuesoft team Know waht there valued customer and Virtual Truck enthusiasts would like to see in the Next series of 18 Wheel Of Steel Truck simulator .

What we would like to see in the New 18 WHEELS OF STEEL EXTREME TRUCKER
is showing in list below we hope you will add this feature before the Release Date: 10/6/2009 .


1. Smaller roads. ( The roads in previous simulations were big. AI cars looked real tiny on them. This includes city streets. Especially city streets.

2. Parked cars in cities. (Which means no shoulder lanes.)

3. Double yellow lines in cities instead of big highway dividers.

4. Unique docks. (In real life, a dock could be a single garage door for a retail store, or a supermarket-like dock where the gate where the trailer backs up is below ground level, or even a curbside, etc.

5. Potholes here and there.

6. More tolls on highways.

7. In real life, gas stations are 75% gasoline for the cars and 25% diesel for the trucks. Not 100% diesel. So a section purposely for diesel for the trucks would be fine.

8. Smaller guard rails on highways. (When you go down to car level, the guard rails are huge. From a trucker's perspective, guard rails should look small.

9. Lots more construction sites on highways. (This means delays, detours, traffic, etc.)

10. Customizable interiors. (Such as air-fresheners, radios, dashboard stuff, etc.)

11. Pre-trip inspection checklists.

12. Being able to work for somebody instead of being the boss.

13. Other trailers at docks.

14. Smaller shoulder lanes on highways.

15. Unique highway exits/entrances. (Which mean all the highway exits/entrances on the map does not look alike. And they should be simple.)

16. No shoulder lanes on bridges.

17. Realistic road textures.

18. Less rain. (In real life it rains say every two weeks, not every two days.)

19. Being able to reverse your trailer to the dock to LOAD your trailer instead of having it teleported there as soon as you select a job. (That's if you own your trailer.)

20. Not having a 3-lane highway go to a 2-lane highway because of an exit. It's annoying. The exit should cut into the shoulder.

21. Being able to put in-game company logos on your truck.

22. Transit-style windshield wipers on some trucks.

23. LED brake and signal lights.

24. Reversing sound.

25. Hearing the air coming from the brake every time you put it on or when you release it.

26. Speed bumps before tolls.

27. 15 lane tolls like in real life. (And make it five EZ-Pass and ten cash.)

28. Not running out of air when you hold the brake at a stop light.

29. Being able to split up double combinations to unload at the docks.

30. Realistic looking trailers.

31. Fully functioning interior. (For example, controlling the radio, navigation, controlling the CB, movable turn signals, etc.)

32. Hooking up air lines and electrical lines from the cab to the trailer.

33. Being able to choose the weather.

34. AI drivers who actually went to driving school.

35. Auto canceling turn signals.

36. Pedestrians on sidewalks.

37. Debris on the road.

38.-The radio stations should change from region to region, country to country. You should be able to lose reception.
39.Multiplayer with voice chat or text.
40. breakdowns from time to time requiring a tow truck to come and get you to a garage
41. make an option to design a custom look for your company fleet's trucks and trailers to offer more realism.
42.registration and insurance fees for the truck, and any trailers you may own, as in real life where you must pay to register and insure a vehicle or trailer.
43. drivers that give you problems as they would in the real world to cope with in your business.
44. a cell phone and laptop in truck to keep up to date with real world issues, and internet to monitor weather, road conditions, your business's status. Also make it possible for the company you're hauling a load for at the time to call you and praise you for a perfect delivery, or ask where you are if you're running behind schedule, stuff like that. Also the option to use the phone to call potential employees and contact whoever you may need on the road.
45. police that come if you crash and take reports, plus insurance agents to contact if you're in a crash and need to repair your truck.
46. rental/lease vehicles and trailers.

customers and Virtual Truck enthusiasts.

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