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The Tomecko Family in Parma, Ohio is in desperate need for help. Lets help them get Extreme Makeover Home Edition back here to the Cleveland, Ohio area!

Michele and Tony had a set of twins in May of 2007. They were born at 23 weeks gestation...that's 17 weeks early. The doctors told them that if they came just a day prior, they would not be able to try to resuscitate them...but to Gods grace, they both made it into this world...for two days they were the proud parents twin boys...both weighing just 1 lb. 7 oz....2 days later, their world came crashing down all around them. They watch as the doctors and nurses in the NICU tried to work a miracle and keep their precious son, Nick from dying. With all the praying, wishing and hoping, he passed away...on May 4, 2007. They will always have a hole in their hearts and feel an emptiness that no parent should ever feel. Their surviving twin, Kenny is doing as well as he can. He is such a little miracle! He has chronic lung disease caused by months of being on the ventilator which require meds twice a day. Every time he gets sick, he usually ends up in the hospital because of an upper respriatory infection or virus. He also has developmental delays so he is more like a 2 year old than a 3.5 year old. He has mild Cerebral Palsy, mild Autism, Last Christmas he learned how to walk. He has feeding issues where he cant chew/swallow solids so he had a feeding tube placed. He also has GERD and is on meds for that as well. He has eye problems from the ROP he had while in the NICU and will be having surgury on that during the month of October. He has moderate/severe bilateral hearing loss and can only say Mama, Baba and now, he has learned to say (his version of) Dada. Not to mention, the muscle tone issues where he is very off balanced. Last November, he was diagnosed with epilepsy after a very scary seizure. Even with all these problems, this little boy still smiles and is perfect in every way! They are a family of many children...7 (living) to be exact. They range in age from 13-2 year old....Kenny being 3 and a half. They always wanted a big family and their wish came true. They both (Michele and Tony) came from a families of 9, 7 kids in each...yet, just the opposite. Michele has 6 girls and 1 boy in her family, and Tony has 6 boys and 1 girl in his family. They are both identical twins and both artists. The list of similarities are just too uncanny.
On top of juggling all of Kenny's doctor appts., PT/OT, hospital stays and his daily routine of meds, they don't really get to do much as a family because Kenny cant be around too many people because of RSV/flu season. It is a life that they never dreamed of having...nor wish upon anyone, but love all their kids so much and would never trade their life for anything! Through all the trials and tribulations, they still find time to help others with smiles on their faces. Tony has his own sign business that he works out of their detached garage...he has been in business for about 12 years now.  He has done work and donated work the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Heart Assoc., and many local charities and organizations including the local police and fire departments, city work, churches, and many, many local businesses (just to name a few). He puts his heart and soul into all his jobs and his clients. Even though they have their hands full at home, they still find the time to help others and take their kids to different community events and fundraisers...CF walk, March of Dimes, and even the EMHE build here in Cleveland. It has been the one thing that keeps them going...keeps their minds off of the problems they face daily, with the house and Kenny. But also, because all of their time is taken up either with working or taking care of the kids or hospital stays, they have not time to fix the major problems in thir house that hey have owned for 15 years. So, now you kinda know the background...here is what I am asking from you all...
We are trying to get them on the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Their house is a little 1100 sq. ft. 3 bdrm home in Parma, Ohio, that is in need of major repairs and more space. It's just not healthy  for Kenny who needs space, special needs and a clean and healthy living environment, free from mold, rotting wood, dust, asbestos and more. The house is old and drafty. The walls are not insulated. The plumbing is rotting and leaking. The wood on the outside of the house is all rotted underneith the siding. the windows have mold and some are broken. The basement has mold, rotted beams, the electrical in the house is outdated so they have been worried about this. There are leaks from windows and doors and the greatest problem is the east side of the house where the wall is pulling away from the house.  Tony's shop (the garage) always floods. It has black mold on the walls, no heat, too small for all he doesHe is even kept company with mice and other critters while he works. They are forever struggling with structural problems, flooding outside and leaks inside, along with ants and more.
 The kids share bedrooms...which isnt too much of a problem until they start getting older. Michele and Tony have Kenny in their room so they can keep an eye on Kenny and his night time feeds..they have just enough room for a bed, the crib, Kennys equipment and a dresser, very crowded...So because the family lives in such a small house,  they continually pass colds back and forth which could be life threatening for Kenny. They want the best for their kids, and because of the hospital stays the constant care of their micro preemie, it is a tough thing to do. There is no extra time to fix up the major problems and moving is not an option. They make the most of what they have and try not to complain too much by saying at least they have a roof over their heads.

Please read their family's blog, the whole twin story with pictures...well, pretty much their life story is on there. What they go through day in and day out.
 We are determined to get  Extreme Makeover Home Edition back here in the Cleveland area to help this family....soon. We cant do it without everyones support! We need this petition signed and even letters written. We have to let the producers know that there is a real need for this family and their story is a very compelling one!  Kenny is such a fighter...he deserves so much more. 
Thank you very much for your help!

We just want to get the story out to let others in the community know that we are trying to get them on EMHE and to let people know that micro preemies that are born at 23 weeks, CAN survive...but there are a lot of special care that is needed. Not just medical, but in the home and their lifestyle as well!
Extreme Makeover Home Edition....PLEASE HELP!

Please read the blog and help.
They really could use the help!
We the undersigned would like you to feature the Tomecko Family as a family for the EHME show.
There is a very deep and compelling story that needs to be told....
They are a family of 9 who has had a very bad almost 4 years and could really benefit from a new home. In 2007, they had a set of twins born at 23 weeks gestation. One passed away while the surviving twin spent 129 days in the NICU only to come home on oxygen and monitors. He now has bilateral hearing loss which he requires hearing aids, oxygen at night when he gets really sick, many developmental delays that has him in PT/OT and feeding/speech therapy too. He has Epilepsy, Mild Cerebral Palsy, Mild Autism,  and had to have a feeding tube placed because he doesn't know how to chew/swallow much of his food. He is always getting sick because of the small space that this family lives in...not to mention all of the problems wrong with it....rotted wood, water damage, no insulation in walls, electrical problems, mold in basement, plumbing problems major structural problems...the list goes on and on...they had to get rid of the family dog and rip up the carpeting because of Kenny's bad lungs..Every day is a struggle for this family but still manages to help others...the dad (Tony Sr.) works from the detached garage. He has his own sign business. There is no heat in there, so he has space heaters to warm the space, it floods all the time, has black mold issues in there as well and has a problem with mice and ants. No matter how bad things have gotten with Kenny, his hospital stays (which are quite frequent) and Kenny's serious health issues, they always find time to help others in the community or through the work that Tony does for others. Please consider this family because they really NEED it and have done many things for the community that they live in and Kenny and his siblings deserve to live in better living conditions and not have to worry about if their dining room will leak during the next rain or snow fall, that their house will land Kenny in the hospital because his lungs cant handle the rotting wood, mold or asbestos. That the kids can have a normal life.  Tony does signs for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation,, as well as different local police departments, businesses and their church on top of many others.They even helped with the Cleveland EMHE build by making some signs, banners and magnets for them. I would recommend that you check out their family's blog to read all about this loving family who deserves a break in life. Their story is very compelling! Thank you very much!
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