Anyone thinking of going to Bobby Roberts Circus -  DON'T  they have a 55 year old elephant called Anne who has arthritis and although she no longer performs she is made to stand in a tent all day with a chain on her leg so she cannot move, swinging her trunk from side to side an obvious sign of distress, Bobby Roberts charges Ł6 to have people stand with her and have a picture taken.
Born free have offered to pay him to release her to a sanctuary where she can retire in peace and be with other elephants but he refuses and the misery on her face tells it all, 
Anne was taken from the wild in Sri Lanka when she was five and he has carted her around for 50 years and will not let her have the retirement she deserves after all she has brought to him, they also have performing dogs, horses and a camel.
Please boycott this circus or write a letter to the local paper and the council and inform shops who have the posters displayed of the suffering that is going on....
What Bobby Roberts had to say about the Born Free offer to take Anne to a sanctary :
Not good enough !!
We the undersigned request that Anne the Elephant be immediately handed over to a suitable sanctuary where there are other Elephants, so that she can live out the rest of her days in peace and amongst her own kind.
We also request that you find suitable longterm homes for the other animals forced to act in your circus,
Until this is done we will continue to Boycott Bobby Roberts Circus' and to spread the word amongst family , friends and through internet social sites.
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