Death or Injury causing death to a Fetus is still Murder

    In sight of the unfortunate event that happened to Maria Lauterbach and her unborn baby Gabriel I believe we as a community realize we do not have a law in place that needs to be. We all know that that baby could have survived without the mother and if a "fetus" can live without being in moms womb and is killed as a result of a killing or injury to the mother then murder charges should be put in place. 

    Cpl Laurean pictured is only being charged with first degree murder for the killing of Maria not Gabriel. He should also be charged in the death of this innocent child who was about to start its life and never got the chance. 

    This man and others like him get off with one murder and should be slammed with both. This young woman was eight and a half months along when the murder took place. 

      Cpl Laurean fled approx 4 hours before his wife produced a letter evidence to the police. I also believe she should be questioned as to why it took 4 hours to turn it in. And she should be questioned and held for knowing that Maria and Gabriel were dead at last one day prior to turning this letter over to officials.

       Maria allegedly was raped by Laurean in April, 2007 and was issued and MPO (military protective order) equivalent to a restraining order resulting to him to be no less than 1000 feet from her at all times. When issued this they were working together in the same GCAC office. She had been moved to another another building across base. However that did not stop someone from keying her car and a male punching her in the face. She could not identify the male however she said it was not this monster.
       She then moved off base into town with friends. This did not stop this awful crime from taking place and all involved in her and Gabriels death or knowing of it before officials were told should be sentenced to the max for anything to do with this crime.  

        The bottom line is we need justice for Baby Gabriel and Maria. Please if you agree sign this and God Bless.

   We the undersigned would like to take the time to let you know bout our petition. We believe that if a woman is at the term of pregnancy where a baby can survive without being in the womb and the mother is injured or killed resulting in the death of the fetus there should be a murder penelty for that Baby. We would also like to take the time to than you for reading this. Please help us get this law overturned.

Thank You and God Bless!
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