Autism & other mental disorders. Don't change the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder

The proposed changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders(DSM) will potentionally affect 1.5 millon children and adults.

These changes will potentinoally leave most of these children and adults without the necessary services they need to funtion during a typical daily routine.  Should these people not be able to get services what will happen to them?  Will they be left in the dark without services that is needed for them to become part of a typical society?  For people with these mental disorders such as autism, should they not be able to get the services they will need the government is setting them up for complete failure.  Taking away services for people whom have had them, and have thrived with them, will cause them to take millions a steps backwards.

Denying those who have not had services will also cause those people to fail.  Our mentally challenged need us to speak out for them, to allow them to have a typical life on their own. 

This situation could also become dangerous for our challenged as some do not understand the meaning of fire, flood or even our every day traffic.  Should they not be able to have services in their lives to make them understand what could happen to them in these situation could put their lives, as welll as others lives in danger.

We must stand up and stand together for all our mentally challenged people.  This is why I am asking you to become part of the solution and please sign this petition and pass this site onto all whom you know.

We the undersigned are want to be the voice for those who cannot be their own voice.  Autism is a complex disorder the lasts a lifetime.  It will never go away.  It can be managable with early diagnosis and services provided.   1 in every 110 people are diagnosed with Autism.  Autism is more commonly found in boys, however girls may also suffer from this disorder.  Autism is not found in just one race, ethnicty or specific social group.  It is not contained to one country it is world wide.  Symptons can ranges from very mild to extremely severe.  

Autism is an impairment in communication skills, social abilites and repetitive behaviors.  Autism can be reliably diagnosed by the age of 3 years old.  However most parents can usually see it earlier by the way their child developes, by not hitting the developmental milestones on target as they should.

These DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) changes that are being proposed will remove atleast 2 of the diagnoses from the spectrum, leaving many lost and confused. The 2 spectrums that are begin targeted are PPD (Perassive Development Disorder) and AD (Aspergers Disorder). 

Changing the DSM will potentially affect 1.5 million people.  Without services for these people you are setting them up for failure. 

We are asking you as mental health associates and the goverment to support us with our cause and fight for those who cant fight for themselves.  DO NOT MAKE THE CHANGES TO THE DSM!!!

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