I Want to Know Beauty is of All Sizes

We all see the models on the catwalk. Some of them are dangerously skinny, almost anorexic. There are numerous cases where the models die. Thousands of young girls and women die because of eatting disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Why? Because they are all trying to compete with the image that beauty is only a size 0 or size 1.

I am asking you to sign this petition so I can print it out and send it to the Fashion Industry of America to show them that we are tired of having the size 0, anorexic girls on the catwalk. We want real models that represent the true American woman. Realistically, not all women look like the models. What happened to their representation on the catwalk?

Sign this petition if you want your voice heard or to show the fashion designers that you are tired of having the image of beauty being distorted.

Sign this petition if you want to challenge the fashion designers to create clothes for the average American woman.

Sign this petition if you know a friend or family member that has died because of any eatting disorders  or if you want to stop all the preventable deaths caused by eating disorders.

Sign this petition if you want to protect your children's future.

Sign this petition if you care.

Not convinced?
Check out this other video. This might change your mind.
Click! Video 2!

*As a note of the videos, these videos belongs to Dove. I just wanted to put this up there to show that the media is now affecting young children unlike ever before.  

*As a note of the signature goal, it is set at 1 million because that is roughly about how many people in the US die of this disease annually. I've read that 5 million people have the disease and about 20% of them die. That number comes to 1 million. Finding the exact number of people who care means that we can make the difference. And we can make the difference. Because the world was only ever changed by devoted individuals.

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture nor the videos.
This is in addition to the book that was made.

Please read and understand that we who have signed underneath agree on the subject that the models must be of all sizes. The models have got to represent the true American woman. By changing the image of beauty, you can save lives. Not many people have this kind of influence, but you do. We urge you to make a positive difference in this world.

Thank you very much for your time.
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