Pledge to NEVER purchase a new home from Urbandale or Richcraft if they cut down this forest.

This Pledge is For Current and Potential Future Ottawa, Canada Area Residents ONLY

For generations, the forest just north of the Beaver Pond was protected from development, and rightfully so.  It is Ottawa's last true wilderness forest, with soaring old growth trees and rare plants and protected species found nowhere else in such a dense area within the Ottawa Region.  (See the red arrows in the picture of where they intend to destroy and build.  Parliament Hill is only 15 minutes away.)

Yet the owners of Urbandale Construction and Richcraft Homes purchased this property and have decided to cut this old-growth forest down and blast the lands flat to put up 3200 homes.  This is ridiculous, and regardless of the fact that they can legally build here, I will not support these companies ever again with my future new home, townhome or condo purchase.

The area is properly called the South March Highlands (SMH), and it is geologically unique in the City of Ottawa. Information shows that it supports over 440 species of vegetation, including: 64 Regionally Significant, 50 Locally Significant, 6 Provincially Rare, and 2 Nationally Endangered species of vascular plant life.  This habitat is crucial for 164 species of bird, including 136 species that breed in this area, 9 bird species at risk, and the 30 Regionally Significant species of bird that inhabit this ecosystem.

Yet, even though the Regional and City Official Plans have officially protected the SMH since 1972, less than 1/3 of the original forest area remains.  So after building on a huge portion of this forest over the last 20 years, and clear cutting other forests, Urbandale and Richcraft, through their joint operating company called KNL have decided to ignore the demands of the community and disregard the environmental and potential archaeological significance of this land.

I will not support a company who demonstrates such blatant disregard for a unique environmental and possibly archaeological gem for the sake of the almighty dollar. The company has the resources to sell this land to the City of Ottawa for a fair market price for raw land and purchase land elsewhere which does not have the environmental impact that the destruction of the SMH would have. KNL has made NO effort to communicate with or respond to the mounting evidence presented by the community, concerned politicians or concerned groups.

Therefore, if KNL proceeds with forest destruction of the South March Highlands, I pledge to NEVER purchase a home, townhome, condo or property from either Urbandale or Richcraft ever again and I will endeavour to inform at least 10 people who will take the same pledge in the years ahead even without having to sign this pledge.  Together, we will never forget what Urbandale and Richcraft are about to do to these lands and we cannot and will not support a company with such disregard for our community and its environment.

NOTE THAT EACH SIGNATURE CAN BE MULTIPLED BY ONE MILLION DOLLARS - to reflect the reality that I will never buy a new property from either of these two builders, and that I will convince at least 2 others who will do the same.  This is an average price of $ 330,000 per home/condo.  There are plenty of other good builders in Ottawa who are not destroying the South March Highlands and I will choose to bring my future business to them.

1000 signatures = $ 1,000,000,000 in lost business to Urbandale and Richcraft over the years to come.

To Urbandale and Richcraft.  We full understand that you will be completely responsible for ignoring the wishes of residents for  the destruction of this forested area and we will never buy a home, townhome or condo from you ever again.  We will also remember this action by you and will always take the time to tell others how you ignored the pleas from residents over a decade to never build on these lands.  We will buy from another builder.  You can change my mind only by negotiating a sale of this land at a fair price to one of the many parties who can preserve it for generations to come.  Building on this land will tarnish your reputation forever and I am electing to see that you know that I will never forget it.

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