• by: ALL of U.S.
  • target: Department of Treasury and both Houses of Congress

To Our Divided Leaders:

We the undersigned, are EXTREMELY OUTRAGED at how you have allowed profiteering to destroy our economy, and our environment, and our relationships with other countries. You made business deals that have grown tentacles into every function of our society, which have failed, and now you are unsure of WHERE to apply any resolutions.

As you have commandeered 700 billion dollars, with the probability of more lurking every day, and are attempting YOUR solution. We are submitting this petition to tell you what we want in return for OUR MONEY.

OUR SOLUTION is in solving POLLUTION. This is a way of life that you have been avoiding, splitting hairs, and out right burying for over 30 years.
With the City of Malmo, Sweden as a beacon...  WE hereby DEMAND, ECONOMY/ECOLOGY BONDS!!!

  • We Demand that these Bonds be issued immediately.
  • We Demand that these bonds pay handsomely, not 6%.
  • We Demand that these funds be used to create GREEN COLLAR jobs A.S.A.P.
  • We Demand that you stop handing out Stimulus money and use bond money instead

The money from these bonds are to be LOANED to businesses to create the GREEN COLLAR JOBS.  Priority placed on 1 and 2, which can employ large amounts of people at once.

  1. M.R.F.:  Material Recovery Facilities are to be built on the site of EVERY landfill. They can be built by a private company OR by the Local government
  2. E-Waste: Factories are to be built for disassembling computers and other electronics, salvaging the parts. These MUST also exist at least one per county. 
  3. WE Demand ELECTRIC VEHICLES! The government is planning to loan MORE money to GM, according to news reports.
  4. Before any money is extended to GM, it should be required to resume production of an all-electric car, equivalent to the EV1, and to produce a panoply of hybrid and plug-in cars. Recover the technology for the electric cars that were on the road 10 years ago. We want you to make it possible for middle to lower income families to afford the purchase of these vehicles.
  5. We Demand that you make public toilets "waterless" as at the New York Bronx Zoo.
  6. We Demand that you STOP the use of FOOD for bio-diesel, and instead use farm scraps and grass clippings.
  7. We Demand that the airlines use  the company RWA (for starters) to find fuel through grease.
  8. We Demand that methane (natural gas) be collected from farms AND land fills (after M.R.F. sorts through them)to run the electric grid.
  9. We Demand that you clean our water with PLANTS and not CHEMICALS, creating wetland sewers. 
  10. We Demand that you support companies such as Michelle Kaufman's GLIDE HOUSE,  and L.E.E.D. approved housing. Call a moratorium on the clearing of new land for houses, instead encourage houses already built to be used or rebuilt.
  11. We Demand that you advertise and peer pressure people into making xeriscapes not lawns.
  12. We Demand that you contact Konarka Technologies, and negotiate FAIRLY for the use of their "solar inks"
  13. We Demand that you watch the videos outlining Environmentally friendly options at  for a start.

Once you have completed these tasks we will be in touch to give you more assignments.  (I've read some comments, I think some of you missed this caveat)


I switched the letter with the info let's see if that is better

The goal of this petition is to require the Treasury to issue BONDS specifically for the purpose of solving pollution. They shall be called "Economy/Ecology Bonds" 

The bonds are expected to perform the same rescue that "war" bonds performed after the depression. In addition they will provide funds to begin projects to lead us towards ZERO WASTE. 

These endeavors are expected to create jobs called "GREEN COLLAR JOBS"

The most important features are the deadlines. The bonds need to be sold to us within the next presidents first ten days of office.

If you want to BUY these BONDS, We need every person in the country to sign this petition, and then I have to mail it to EACH member of CONGRESS.

The other important feature is that ground should break on these new "factories" by April 15 2009

I can't do this alone. YOU have got to ask your friends to take a look at this petition.  If you can contact your representatives, even if you just speak to their receptionists, leave a message with the URL, please do so. I will try to add the phone numbers as I have time.

PLEASE CLICK and READ the "LETTER" below. It will be addressed to the legislators. 

watch videos at

2. Clean Energy Victory Bonds
How are we going to pay for this green energy revolution? Green America and our allies at Clean Edge propose Clean Energy Victory Bonds. Modeled after victory bonds in World War II, Americans would buy these bonds from the federal government to invest in large-scale deployment of green energy projects, with particular emphasis in low-income communities that are hardest hit by the broken economy. These would be long-term bonds, which would pay an annual interest rate, based in part on the energy and energy savings that the bonds generate. During WWII, Americans bought over $185 billion in bonds%u2014that would be almost $2 trillion in today%u2019s dollars.

Millions of people are looking for a way to help the country right now. During the townhall- style presidential debate, one person posed this question to the then-candidates: "What would you ask us to do?"

Green America%u2019s answer: Invest in Clean Energy Victory Bonds so our country can start building the clean-energy infrastructure and get people to work in good, green jobs, right now.

Sign up for the Green America e-newsletter to help advance these and our other green energy policy measures all year long.


A First Hand Account of the TVA Coal Ash Disaster in Kingston, TN

"The collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis in 2007 was a result
of the neglect and starvation of funds for maintaining infrastructure
that was built decades ago.
(VIEW THIS AND ASK WHY?                            

The ideology of privatization and hostility to 'big government' is no longer tenable during the financial crisis -- the current White House and Congress conceded as much when they began pushing for bailouts.  Public works programs built America, and public works, with hundreds of thousands of new Green jobs, is what America needs now for economic recovery," said
Rosa Clemente, the Green Party's 2008 candidate for Vice President


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Karen Nye
Business Reporter, BBC News, New York

The United States economy shed 533,000 jobs in November, marking the largest monthly job loss since 1974, during the recession triggered by the first oil shock in 1973.

(VIEW this and ask yourself why?

Akita Bank Offers [Eco Bonds] to Help Green Businesses
By japan for sustainability
Jun 28, 2006
Akita Bank is the first bank to introduce this kind of environment-oriented service in the region.  With an 'Eco-Bond' a company will be able to raise capital at a lower cost, a 0.2 percent discount on the guarantee rate compared to regular bank-backed private placements
World Bank Issues New [Eco Bonds] 
Washington, DC, September 17, 2007

World Bank and ABN AMRO Partner for Ethical Investing
The World Bank today announced its partnership with ABN AMRO to sell %u201CWorld Bank Eco 3 bonds%u201D exclusively through ABN AMRO%u2019s branch network in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


News from 10/17/08
Massachusetts successfully sold $750 million in bonds to pay state bills this week, but only after twice delaying the sale because of the paralyzed credit market.

Morning Edition, October 17, 2008 %uFFFD California sold $5 billion in short-term bonds this week. That's cash state officials need to pay the bills until they collect tax revenues in the spring. Standard & Poor's analysts had put the deal on credit watch because of the freeze in credit markets.

Morning Edition, October 14, 2008 %uFFFD Officials in California begin selling billions of dollars worth of bonds Tuesday. The state held off until now because of turmoil in credit markets. But officials say other states have managed to sell bonds, and they are gambling that the money is out there to cover at least part of the state's needs.

EXERPT from NEWSWEEK Oct. 6, 2008

Perhaps it's a commentary on the woes of Wall St., but investors are seeing GOLD in GARBAGE (emphasis mine) With rising demand from markets like China and India, prices for scrap material like aluminum and paper, have soared, which makes the economics of recycling more compelling than ever.
(WATCH THIS: see what you can do with garbage.


CBS   |   November 10, 2008 08:41 AM
The United States produces an enormous amount of e-waste -- the stuff discarded when we replace our old gadgets with newer ones. Computers and other electronic items are loaded with toxic parts, which is why it's so important to recycle them, rather than just throw them out. (my note: They are also VALUABLE in metals)

Care 2 News
The scope of environmental damage from Hurricane Ike is only now becoming apparent: at least half a million gallons of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and water spaces of Louisiana and Texas.

The Minerals Management Service, which oversees oil production in federal waters offshore, said the storm destroyed at least 52 oil platforms and another 32 were severely damaged.
(editing suggestions, and content suggestions welcome, send a message to my inbox, REALLY send it to my email not on the petition. The comments that you leave on this petition, are supposed to be what you would say to your legislator, not to me. If you sign a petition and then pick it apart, what will the legislator think when s/he reads it? These first run solutions are only a tip of the ice berg. They are options that create the greatest amount of jobs the quickest. By no means are they the only, or last solutions. Hopefully that is clear in the LETTER to the legislators)

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