Free Elsa Newman!

Elsa Newman is a 54-year-old mother, unjustly imprisoned in Maryland Correctional Institution for Women at Jessup. She was charged with a crime committed by another person, family friend Margery Landry, who broke into the house of Newman's estranged husband, Arlen Slobodow, on a night when he had the couple's children for a visit. What she found there seems to have been a case of abuse in progress. Please see this article for more information:

In the process of investigation, I have found, to date, over sixty-five reasons for believing Elsa Newman when she says 1) that she is innocent and 2) that her children have been and are suffering from unspeakable sexual abuse at the hands of their father, per their disclosures to her and others. Where can you check out these reasons? The news portion of this site, or
We, the undersigned, have become aware of the incarceration of Elsa Newman in Maryland Correctional Institution at Jessup.

We believe this incarceration to be unjustified. We believe this incarceration to be the result of a crime committed by someone else. We believe Elsa Newman had neither foreknowledge of the crime nor any part in it. We believe this incarceration to be partly the result of the exceptional debating skill of the prosecutor. We believe as well that this incarceration is the result of errors--both intentional and unintentional, in court procedures and witness statements. We further believe that crucial defense evidence was withheld by the prosecution. Thus we encourage you to examine this case in depth, including The sixty-five plus reasons for believing Newman, both about her innocence and about the sexual and other abuses suffered by her children. Said list of reasons is available on the following site:

For further information about the crime itself, may we suggest this site:

In short, since we believe that research and investigation on your part will demonstrate Elsa Newman's innocence, we ask that you would undertake such an investigation. We ask that you would demonstrate her inoocence. And we ask that you would, upon completion of said investigation, and povision of such proof of innocence, completely pardon Elsa Newman and free her from the injustice which has kept her incarcerated for nearly six years.

Governor O'Malley, thank you for your time to read and this petition. Thank you for caring about those unjustly incarcerated in the state of Maryland. Statistics actually show that, nationwide, as many as one in every seven prison inmates may be innocent of the crime for which they were incarcerated. We close by requesting again that you would take action, investigate what happened in the Elsa Newman case, and free Elsa Newman.
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