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THIS IS A PETITION to see how many people would become ski instructors, or work toward full cert, or if they are full cert, take advantage of the opportunity to SKI FREE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

IF you like the idea, hit "attend", and tell all your friends!!

You'd ski all over the country if you had a free pass, right? You'd make friends at these places and crash on their couch... you'd bring back the dirt bag community ski lifestyle!

You'd be able to tell clients at your resort where they should go when they tell you, "We are going to be on the East Coast in February, but with our kids, where should we ski?" You'd know what to say, because you would have GONE THERE!

And you would have gone there because you'd be welcome, the lift ticket would be free, and there would be a community of instructors who have open couches!

You'd be able to help level the National Standard because while your division would be individual, you'd be traveling, talking, learning, and bringing back ideas from other locations, and sharing your stuff with them!

If you could have a nation wide free pass if you were full cert, you'd have a REASON to join PSIA, commit to your training, and get through. You'd want to road trip with your friends, so you'd encourage them to train, too!

Membership numbers would rise, people in training would rise, numbers of people taking exams would rise, and number of overall full certs in this country would rise!

And you'd have friends all over the country! (Pssst, think we could talk Canada into joining this program?)

This is a GRASS ROOTS MEMBER BASED EFFORT! PSIA knows were talking about it, and they are curious how many people would be into it!

I've talked to lots of ski school directors, and while the scope of the program is logistically difficult, they are interested and open to the idea, every single one of them.

Here's the thought: Pass your 3, get a card with a barcode. Present your full cert PSIA card at any ticket window nationwide, and get your comp lift ticket.

Meet other cool people who love to ski, make friends all over, learn from them, teach to them, and love your ski community.

It may start smaller than that, but THAT'S THE GOAL. The industry is intrigued and PSYCHED to see how many people would be into this. I spent a lot of last season and the season before "floating" the idea with POSITIVE results, so lets keep it going!

Sign up to "attend" this event, send it to everyone you know, skier, snowboarder, instructors and non instructors. We want to see JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE would sign up if they knew this was the carrot at the end of the stick.

If the petition goes well, I'm gonna hit the road and start "interest" meetings at individual resorts.

Lets DO IT!

Kate Howe
Bridger Bowl, MT
L2 Alpine
Dear PSIA,

I would be interested in joining PSIA or be motivated to get fully certified if this program were in place. I love the idea of opening up the "dirtbag" ski lifestyle again, especailly in these hard economic times, making friends across the country, and starting a more open exchange of ideas.

I'm excited to see other ski areas, learn from other divisions, and propogate an evening of National Standards simply by being a welcome "visiting pro", and crashing on someone's couch!

I love skiing and teaching skiing, and want to help PSIA grow, the quality of the product my own ski are puts out improve, and I believe that this would encourage much more incentive for large numbers to train harder, learn more, and promote an open, community feeling within the snowsports industry!

Please back this petition so that we can begin visiting individual ski areas and asking them to sign on to the program!

To see individual comments, please visit our Facebook page at:

To read FAQs with discusssion on how this might work, and concerns about why it might not, please visit:

Thank you for your time and consideration!
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